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  A couple of my favorite fashion sets from a young lady in Italy...

25/50 Florida life! (for Jasminell)

25/50 Florida life! (for Jasminell) by monypussy featuring a jean jacket

After enjoying the Florida sunshine!  Next we are off to Greece having fun at a 5 star hotel...

25/50 Sipping drinks on a balcony of a five-star hotel in Greece
From a young fashion lover in Slovakia

Discovered this gorgeous set today from fellow Polyvorian Lagomera not only is it comfortable but also very affordable, Enjoy

Another perfect travel combination courtesy of Sandra from Sandras Closet and Polyvore, which one is your favorite, really hard to pick they all look great

Lost Summer

Lost Summer by nperu featuring ballerina shoes

Congratulations to Our  1st Fashion Contest Winners @Polyvore the Vacation Fashion Group!

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  1. Summer is wonderful, there are many things that you could only do during summer. And I am excited if summer is near. We have a family bonding with my family at the beach. Sunglasses is also in-demand during summer right?


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