Thursday, April 4, 2013

Travel Video Thursdays: QM2 Atlantic Timelaspe & Caribbean footage

Some day,I will take a trip on this magnificent ship across the Atlantic heading towards Southampton, England and begin my European adventure. I know that I will look forward to the long days at sea just enjoying some quiet time catching up on all that reading, I have been meaning to do for the last 10 years...for those of us (and yes even some travel agents prefer not to fly) like myself who would rather get on a ship than sit on a plane this is the best way to go the QUEEN MARY 2 is Cunard’s flagship and the most magnificent ocean liner ever built. Enjoy these two videos taken during an Atlantic sailing aboard the QM2. ♥ Noemi

Queen Mary 2: Atlantic Timelapse from Adonis Pulatus on Vimeo.

Queen Mary 2: Caribbean Timelapse from Adonis Pulatus on Vimeo.


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