Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shopping in St Thomas, USVI...

When on your cruise  remember to save some time to visit the wonderful cobblestone streets in Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas where you can do plenty of duty-free shopping either in the downtown area or chances are your ship will be docked right across from the Havensight location with plenty of shops and boutiques.  The best buys on St Thomas include jewelry,alcohol, china, crystal, perfume and the best Rum Cake in the Caribbean.  

Shopping Tips...
  • First things first on the island it is considered taboo to walk around in your swimsuit or bareback so make sure to cover-up when not on the beach.
  • When shopping for jewelry, you may be able to make a deal especially in the family owned stores so it is not uncommon to haggle or bargain for that lower price so go ahead make an offer lower than the ticket price you may just be in for a pleasant surprise.
  • Locals are very greeting conscious so before starting a conversation remember to say "Good ____ (Morning, Afternoon, Evening) this small gesture will take you a long way.
One last thing... make sure you make it back to your ship at least an hour before it sails we do not want to miss out on the rest of your wonderful Cruise vacation.

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  1. Great blog! Wow 65 cruises... Yahp you have a Master in Cruising... I will suggest you to people interested in taking a spectacular vacation.
    A hug from Italy and Cali


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